CSUB Design & Engineering

CSUB’s main focus is to develop and deliver good solutions that are, from both a technical and commercial perspective, advantageous versus traditional steel structures. We are known for our ability to deliver innovative and high quality products for our clients.
At CSUB we have a pragmatic and innovative approach and channel a lot of our resources towards Research, Design and Engineering. Our main focus is to develop solutions where composites, both from technical and commercial perspective, can replace traditional steel structures.

We have experienced engineers (MSc level) with background from both the offshore industry and composites, good software (Solidworks and amimation) and tools (3D printing, robotic grinders and cutters) making us well equipped to take on challenging problems and deliver the best solution for our clients.

CSUB has longstanding relationships with renowned institutions such as DNV and NORNER/UIA giving us access to state of the art testing facilities.

From the start in 2003 CSUB has grown to become the major player in the supply of composites to the Norwegian Subsea Market.

Our production techniques and facilities enable us to produce composite parts up to very large structures as well as custom made smaller parts.

CSUB has produced more than 500 GRP Protection structures to the subsea market since 2005, ranging from hatches/small covers of 300 kgs up to large GRP Protection structures close to 50 tonnes.

Storage Unit

Subsea Storage Unit