CSUB Hatches

CSUB Hatches are used on Template Protection Structures to allow access to XT areas, Manifolds, ROV access panels, Pig Launch operation areas etc. The hatches are designed according to DNV-OS-C501 Composite Components and NORSOK U-001 Subsea Production Systems.
CSUB Hatches weigh approx. 1/3 of a steel hatch and can easily be made ROV operatable. This is a major advantage with regard to saving ROV/Vessel time during operation and maintenance. It also reduce risk for damage during operation compared to a wire operated hatch.

Hinges and locks can also be made of GRP material which completely eliminates the need for advanced steel materials (superduplex or similar) and cathodic protection.

Buoyancy foam rated for depth up to 500 m can be integrated into the hatches facilitating ROV operations. If required, synctactic foam rated for depth to 2000 m can also be used.

The hatches can be designed from small inspection hatches up to large access hatches.