Pusnes facility, Arendal, Norway

CSUB is the leading developer and manufacturer of Composite Subsea Products and Solutions in the North Sea. Our track record has made us known for our ability to deliver innovative, high quality products for our clients.

CSUB R&D main focus is to develop good solutions where composites, both from a technical and commercial perspective, can replace traditional steel structures.

Dimensions of production hall

114m x 24m x 12m

Total area inclusive mezz decks
3500 m2

Max width doors

Special purpose areas
Moulding/H120 room with special ventilation system: 300m2
Cutting room extract system: 200m2

Curling ovens
Atmospheric ovens:
4x2x2m + 1,5x1x2m – max temp 200 deg.

Pressure air
6m3 Air compressor System

Vacuum System
4ea Vacuum systems from 40 – 250m3 – manifold system

2×12,5 T overhead gantry cranes

16 T Forklift truck – diesel
4 T Forklift truck – electric

Internal Transportation
40 T Trolley – 10x4m
6ea Wheel Bases for heavy duty transportation

Quay Area
8m deepwater quay – ISP Approved by Norwegian Coastal Directorate – ref NO ARE003

CSUB has its production facilities at Pusnes Industrial Park at Tromøy, close to Arendal.