CSUB Protection Covers

CSUB protection covers are used to protect pipelines and other subsea structures from impact from dropped objects or trawls. Our GRP covers are designed according to DNV-OS-C501 Composites Components and NORSOK U-001 Subsea Production Systems
Pipelines and umbilicals are normally protected close to a template in areas where thermal expansion can result in lateral movement, or as freespan/interface covers in gooseneck’s areas close to templates.

Other structures to be protected are PLEM’s, PLET’s, In Line Tee Covers, Turret Mooring Systems, Riser Bases etc.

Small covers for Hot Tap Tee protection to be bolted onto pipeline has also been designed and delivered.

Our covers prevent contact with pipeline/structure and allows for lateral movement from thermal expansion without obstruction.

Spool covers can be installed in stacks which minimise deployment operations and save vessel time.

CSUB can also design and deliver concrete ballasting.

Protection Cover nr 1

CSUB Riser Base Protection Cover