CSUB Support Structures & Crossings

CSUB Support Structures are used to provide support for a pipeline or a structure on the seabed. CSUB Crossings are used to provide crossing of pipelines/umbilicals over existing pipelines. The support structures & crossings are designed according to DNV-OS-C501 Composite Components and NORSOK U-001 Subsea Production Systems.
CSUB support structures & crossings can replace pre-rock dump to prepare the seabed or crossing. and provide load distribution on low quality seabed/mud.

CSUB support structures can be used under rigid pipelines, flexible pipelines, landing areas for flexible risers, GRP Covers, Riser Base’s and other structures on the seabed.

Our products can be made buoyant to be installed in areas with unstable seabed conditions to support pipelines. For example where the seabed consists of liquefied mud CSUB support structures can stabilise the pipeline in the event of an earthquake.

CSUB support structures can be installed with integrated low friction tops (PEHD) to provide low and consistent friction during the lifetime of our products.


CSUB Support Structures