Sørkomp/CSUB is proud to announce the signing of the contract with BP on the Shah Deniz 2 Project.

Over the last 10 years, Sørkomp has developed new products in composites materials to be used in the subsea oil & gas industry.

In an offshore environment, the use of composite materials has many advantages compared to the use of other materials, such as steel. This relates to weight, corrosion, installation cost, shapeability and built-in buoyancy.

Within Sørkomp’s own developed product portfolio are subsea support structures designed to stabilize other subsea components, like oil and gas pipes, on the seabed.


Recently Sørkomp entered into a contract with BP Exploration (Shah Deniz) Ltd. for delivery of foundation structures for the Shah Deniz 2 Project in the Caspian Sea. The contract value is in excess of 15 Million GBP with expected deliveries to take place in the period 2015 – 2017.

We truly appreciate the trust BP, as a world leading energy company, is showing us in awarding Sørkomp this contract”, says Jon Inge Brattekaas, Managing Director of Sørkomp/CSUB


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Arendal, 24. September 2014