CSUB has a ABB milling robot installed. We can program this directly from 3D files to machine plugs/moulds up to 2x3x1,5 m.
In addition to milling plugs/moulds, we can also machine laminates with holes, slots etc.
To manufacture plugs/moulds, we have 2 methods:
1. Foam and pasta/coat
Polystyrene foam (ISOPOR) is machined approx. 10 mm less than completed geometry. Pasta/coat is applied using a machine. After curing, the finished geometry is machined. This method is normally used for larger plugs/moulds.
2. Blocks
For smaller moulds, we can machine directly from an Epoxy Block (Ebalta or similar). This is a simple and fast method with a very high quality of the surface as well as stable plug/mould. Moulds can be machined directly using this method.
Mould Manufacturing
After the plug is completed, we manufacture the mould to be used for production. We use only high quality raw materials specially intended for mould use. Typical raw materials are mould gelcoat and filled – non shrink resin. If moulds are used in high temperature, epoxy can be used.
CSUB Robot detail