CSUB can provide all types of composite related products to the offshore subsea market according to relevant standards as NORSOK DNV-OS-C501 Offshore Components. We have a pragmatic and innovative approach and channel a lot of our resources towards R&D. Our main focus is to develop solutions where composites, both from technical and commercial perspective, can replace traditional steel structures.

CSUB products all have the following advantages over steel: Lower cost, lower installation weight – typically 1/3, stackable – saving deck space and minimising offshore vessel campaigns, wet storage – ready for final inspection at a later stage, non corrosive materials with over 50 years lifetime, high impact resistance – tested up to 300kJ. Our GRP products are extremely strong and can be designed with over 20m free span. A single cover can protect several pipelines.

From the start in 2003 CSUB has grown to become the major player in the supply of composites to the Norwegian Subsea Market. Our production techniques and facilities enable us to produce composite parts up to very large structures as well as custom made smaller parts. CSUB has produced more than 500 GRP Protection structures to the subsea market since 2005, ranging from hatches/small covers of 300 kgs up to large GRP Protection structures close to 50 tonnes.
CSUBs main Products are:

Protection CoversHatchesSupport StructuresBuoyancy Modules, & Suction Anchors

CSUB has frame agreements and long term supplier relationships with major customers such as FMC Technologies, Technip, Subsea7, EMAS, Kongsberg Oil and Gas, ++

CSUB Subsea factory system layout 1