World's Largest Epc-Supplier Of Subsea Composite Constructions

CSUB, with decades of experience since 1992, stands as a leader in offering innovative Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GRP) solutions in the Oil & Gas industry. We specialize in engineering and fabricating GRP subsea structures, tailored for the subsea market globally. Read more about us


Reduced CO₂ footprint

Maintenance free 25-50 years. Life Cycle Assessment.

Reduced capex / Opex

Significant reduction in lead times.

Light weight and stackable

50-70% weight reduction compared to concrete and steel. Designed to be stackable to save space during transport.

Customized design

Every module is tailored to meet the specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance.


CSUB stands at the forefront of subsea innovation with Norway’s largest engineering department dedicated to Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) structures. Our engineering group consists of highly skilled engineers with a vast knowledge of design, fabrication, and structural analysis of composites – always in accordance with local regulations.

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