Subsea Sleepers

CSUB’s Sleepers are robust structures specifically designed to support and stabilize subsea pipelines. They play a crucial role in controlling lateral buckling caused by thermal expansion and contraction and are vital for maintaining the integrity of pipelines over their operational lifespan.

Product Features and Advantages

Buckling Control: Employed along pipeline routes, our sleepers act as fixed points that manage the axial compressive forces arising from thermal changes, efficiently controlling lateral buckling and ensuring pipeline integrity.

Modular Design: The sleepers can be tailored with modular elements to adjust the length and height as per project requirements, providing flexibility and precise support wherever needed.

Surface Customization: The top surface of the sleepers is customizable with polyethylene to adjust the friction factor, which is crucial for matching the specific environmental and operational conditions of the pipeline.

Environmentally Adapted Features: Design elements like cutouts reduce environmental loads, and the smooth edges ensure that there are no sharp points that could damage the pipeline coating.

Robust Material Choice: Made from composite materials, our sleepers offer low weight, non-corrosive properties, and excellent energy absorption capabilities. This makes them maintenance-free and significantly reduces CO2 emissions during production and deployment​.

Efficiency in Transportation and Storage: The stackable design enhances transport, storage and installation efficiency, proving to be cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Why Choose CSUB’s Composite Sleepers?

  • Low Maintenance and Durable: The non-corrosive properties of composite materials ensure that the sleepers are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Environmental Benefits: The use of composites rather than traditional materials like concrete or metal significantly reduces the ecological footprint of these structures.
  • Adaptable and stackable low weight design: The CSUB Sleepers stands out compared to traditional concrete and steel solutions with its low weight and stackable design. The modular design makes the products suitable for use in various subsea conditions in both shallow and deep-water environments.

Optimize your subsea pipeline projects with CSUB’s sleeper technology. Contact our sales team today to find out how our subsea sleepers can enhance the safety, sustainability, and efficiency of your operations.

Karsten W. Johannessen
VP Sales

Jon Inge Brattekås

Mathias Berg
VP Sales