Pipeline free span correction

CSUB offers specialized support structures designed to stabilize pipelines and spools experiencing challenges with free span control. Our solutions are engineered to be deployed post-installation, providing effective responses to issues such as seabed scouring. [Patent Pending]

Product Features and Advantages

Versatile Installation Methods:

CSUB structures can be deployed as sleepers/supports that are pulled under the pipeline by an ROV or as a bridge/tower installed over the pipeline, which is then supported by a bridge also installed by an ROV. This flexibility ensures adaptability to varying subsea conditions and pipeline configurations.

Innovative Support Options:

Utilizing advanced materials like GRP, our foundations offer reduced weight and enhanced durability. The design includes features such as integrated skirts for additional stability and bolted connections for secure pre-deployment integration.

Environmental and Cost Efficiency:

Our solutions are designed with environmental considerations at the forefront, offering a lower lifecycle carbon footprint. Additionally, the stackable design of our structures reduces transportation and installation costs, enhancing overall project cost efficiency.

Ensure the integrity and longevity of your subsea pipelines with CSUB’s advanced free span correction solutions. Contact our experts today to discuss how our tailored solutions can adapt to your project’s specific needs and enhance operational efficiency.

Karsten W. Johannessen
VP Sales

Jon Inge Brattekås

Mathias Berg
VP Sales