Subsea Hatches

CSUB offers innovative subsea hatches designed for integration into subsea structures, XTs, manifolds, templates, and ITS systems. Our hatches leverage Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) technology to provide lightweight yet robust solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety.

Product Features and Advantages

Lightweight Design: CSUB hatches are significantly lighter than conventional hatches, reducing the overall weight of subsea structures and facilitating easier handling and installation​.

Enhanced Durability and Impact Resistance: The use of GRP materials ensures excellent impact energy absorption, which protects the integrity of subsea equipment against physical damages​.

ROV-Friendly Operation: Our hatches are designed with GRP locking pins and can include buoyancy elements to reduce submerged weight, making them operable by ROV. This feature simplifies maintenance and replacement operations under water, enhancing the adaptability of the hatches for various subsea operations​.

Why Choose CSUB’s Subsea Hatches?

  • CSUB’s hatches are at the forefront of subsea technology, offering reduced installation and maintenance costs and improved operational efficiency.
  • Each hatch is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the subsea environment, ensuring compatibility and performance under varying conditions.
  • With features designed to minimize environmental impact and enhance operational flexibility, CSUB hatches represent a superior choice for modern subsea applications.

Discover how CSUB’s subsea hatches can revolutionize your subsea infrastructure projects. Contact our team today for a consultation on how our solutions can be integrated into your operations for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Karsten W. Johannessen
VP Sales

Jon Inge Brattekås

Mathias Berg
VP Sales