Foundations for Subsea Structures

CSUB’s GRP Support Structures are engineered to provide support for pipelines, subsea structures, and equipment across challenging marine environments. These structures are pivotal in diverse applications such as buckling mitigation for pipelines and providing firm landing areas for flexible risers.

Product Features and Advantages

Enhanced Load Distribution:
Our foundations are engineered to disperse the load of substantial subsea infrastructures across soft seabed conditions effectively. This distribution helps mitigate soil impact and enhances bearing capacity, crucial for areas with soft or liquefied soils often found in seismic zones.

Design Versatility:
Tailored with features like low submerged weight for high payloads, integrated skirts for enhanced stability, and bolted connections for pre-deployment integration, our foundations are adaptable to any structure. Optional low-friction layers further accommodate specific project needs, reducing wear and tear on flexible risers at touchdown points.

Flexible Riser Support:
Specifically designed GRP foundations prepare the seabed for the touchdown of flexible risers, providing a predictable landing surface that reduces fatigue and extends the operational life of riser systems. These supports can be customized to create the desired interface with flexible risers, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

Cost Efficiency:
Stackable designs not only simplify logistics but significantly reduce transportation and installation costs. The efficient design minimizes on-site assembly time and related expenses.

Innovative GRP Foundation Types:
Utilizing techniques like suction anchors and skirted or gravity-based foundations, CSUB offers solutions for a variety of seabed conditions. Suction anchors provide quick, noise-free installation suitable for soft seabeds, while skirted and gravity-based options offer robust support in firmer soils​.

Environmental Considerations:
CSUB foundations are designed with a lower lifecycle carbon footprint, contributing to environmentally responsible subsea development.

Advanced GRP Foundations for Buckling Mitigation

These are critical in regions where temperature variations might cause pipeline expansions. By providing a low friction zone, these foundations mitigate the risk of pipeline buckling, ensuring the integrity and longevity of subsea installations.

Interested in optimizing your subsea operations with our advanced support structures? Contact our sales team today to explore how our tailored solutions can enhance your project’s efficiency and sustainability.

Karsten W. Johannessen
VP Sales

Jon Inge Brattekås

Mathias Berg
VP Sales