Subsea production systems (SPS)

CSUB specializes in GRP protection systems for subsea production/processing equipment, due to their high strength, excellent surface finish, superior chemical resistance, and robust temperature properties. Our composite solutions significantly enhance the performance and durability of subsea structures.

Wellhead Protection Structure

Enhancing wellhead safety, CSUB offers the GRP Single Well Protection Structure designed for superior overtrawlability and full ROV access. This patented structure, an alternative to traditional steel designs, features self-penetrating skirts for stabilization, large openings for excellent ROV accessibility, and top hatches for operational ease. It provides significant advantages such as competitive manufacturing costs, reduced deck space requirements, less restrictive crane limitations, and easier recovery if necessary, streamlining both installation and maintenance processes.

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Subsea Processing Structure

As the dedicated supplier for the GRP components of the NOV Seabox™ Water Treatment System, CSUB contributes extensively from detail design to delivery of structural parts. The Seabox™ represents the world’s first commercial subsea water treatment and filtration system, setting a new standard in water quality, which contributes to improved oil recovery, reduced reservoir souring and scaling, and a lower lifecycle carbon footprint. By energizing your reservoir, the Seabox™ system optimizes field economics and environmental performance.

Our portfolio also includes subsea oil and chemical storage units, highlighting our versatile application of composite technology across various subsea environments.

Karsten W. Johannessen
VP Sales

Jon Inge Brattekås

Mathias Berg
VP Sales