Subsea Crossings & Bridges

CSUB’s crossing structures are engineered to facilitate seamless and safe crossings for subsea pipelines and umbilicals. Designed to ensure minimal environmental impact and straightforward installation, these structures are essential for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of subsea infrastructures.

Product Features and Advantages

Low Impact Installation:
Our crossing structures are designed to minimize soil disruption. This feature is crucial in sensitive marine environments where maintaining the seabed’s integrity is essential.

Enhanced Design Flexibility:
The structures can accommodate both flexible and rigid pipelines, ensuring compatibility across various project requirements. They are equipped with low friction surfaces, and optional low friction pads can be added to the GRP to further reduce resistance during operations.

Simple and Efficient Installation:
The installation process is streamlined to ensure quick deployment. CSUB’s crossing structures can be installed with minimal equipment, reducing operational time and associated costs.

Environmental Considerations
Eco-friendly Materials: CSUB is committed to environmental stewardship. The materials used in our crossing structures are selected for their durability and minimal environmental footprint, ensuring that your project complies with ecological standards.

Optimize the safety and efficiency of your subsea pipeline installations with CSUB’s advanced crossing structures. Contact our team today to find out how our customized solutions can meet the specific needs of your project.

Karsten W. Johannessen
VP Sales

Jon Inge Brattekås

Mathias Berg
VP Sales