Code of Conduct

Our Commitment to Integrity

At CSUB, integrity and accountability are at the core of all we do. Our Code of Conduct; it’s a pledge to uphold the highest standards of business ethics and personal integrity in every aspect of our work.

Purpose of Our Code

Our Code of Conduct provides a comprehensive framework for making ethical decisions and acting responsibly. It guides our employees, partners, and management alike in complying with legal requirements and maintaining our commitment to corporate responsibility. The Code serves as a compass for our actions and a benchmark for our professional conduct, ensuring we consistently reflect CSUB’s values in our global operations.

Scope and Application

This Code applies universally across the CSUB family, encompassing all employees, board members, officers, and consultants, as well as partners and suppliers acting on our behalf. We believe that adherence to the Code is essential for sustaining our reputation for excellence and trustworthiness.