Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GRP/FRP)

With over 20 years of delivering innovative Subsea GRP covers, CSUB has become a testament to how installation costs, soil compatibility, production lead times, environmental impact, and avoidance of galvanic corrosion are all optimized by choosing GRP composite technology.

GRP: A Game-Changer for Subsea Applications

GRP (Glass-fibre Reinforced Polymer) was introduced in the late 1940’s and were adopted in the 50’s and 60’s for a wide range of applications. The high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, combined with superior ductility, proved to be valuable. This is especially proven in yacht building, where builds from the 60’s and 70’s are still in use with only cosmetic maintenance. In addition, current state-of-the-art GRP laminates have seen significant improvement from their predecessors over a broad range of factors.

The uses for GRP have since broadened to the extent that it has now become common in our surroundings. Examples would be construction of small craft construction, underground water and fuel tanks, and subsea pipeline protection‍.

Since delivering the first GRP subsea protection covers in 1994, client feedback has reflected significant savings in installation and service using GRP composite, without the penalty of manufacturing cost. Client has also highlighted cost savings due to the reduced need for planning as a result to the reduced lead times obtained by the use of GRP technology compared to equivalent steel alternatives.

As we face increasing demands for energy efficiency, the weight savings of composite protection covers have become more critical. GRP is the solution of choice, offering lightweight profiles, design versatility, and greater structural integrity. Industries such as aeronautics, automotive, and maritime vessel production are turning to composites, further solidifying the material’s relevance and benefits.

Subsea protection systems crafted from GRP also demonstrate a lower environmental footprint across their lifecycle compared to conventional materials. In line with evolving eco-conscious standards, Subsea production systems that incorporate GRP contribute to sustainable operations and a cleaner planet.

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